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1963 Early Sessions (Rebel Records Reb-1615): Dreams Of Reality; How Are You Standing With God; I'm Waiting Now To Hear My Number Called; Kneel And Pray; Darkest Hour; Bible On The Table; He Saved My Soul; John Saw The Kingdom; Mother's Prayers Are Not In Vain; Singing With The Angels; There's Rest Just Ahead. (This album was a compilation of early songs released by the Easter Brothers on 45's through the King and Starday labels).

1964 14 Songs Of Faith (Commandment Records 200): Are You Ready To Go Home; Down In The Green Valley; Every Minute Means A Mile; He Picked Me Up; I Traded The Whole World For The Bible; No Back Door To Heaven; Place Where I Sleep; Come On Let's Face It; Where Did I Lose My Way; God Forgive Me When I Whine; Tormented Stranger; Kneel And Pray; Darkest Hour; White Winged Angel. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Roger Easter, Walter McMillan, Ronald Thomas, J D Stanley).

1965 Bluegrass And Country Hymns (Stark Records ST-200-01): Face Behind The Mask; From The Back Seat To The Altar; God Did It All For You And Me; I Wouldn't Trade Places With You; Last Call To Heaven; Let The Lord Come In; My Ship's At Anchor; There's A Better Life; He Washed My Sins Away; I'll Be Singing Up There; The Life Of Christ. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, and Linda Easter, Ronald Thomas).

1966 Let Me Stand Lord (Commandment Records 203): Dear Mother's Prayer; Feed My Sheep Peter; For You And Me; Going Home On A Glory Cloud; The Lord Laid His Hand On Me; Prayers For Vietnam; That's All Right Brother; Come And Dine; I Only Have Time; Swing Low. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Roger Easter, Ronald Thomas).

1967 Lord I Will (Commandment Records 204): Forever On My Knees; Help Me To Help My Neighbor; It's Up To You And Me; Lord I Will; My God And My Son; Peter Was A Fireball; Take Your Burdens To The Altar; They Walked The Savior Up Calvary; Walk Through This World With Me; Look For Me; Rock Of Ages. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Roger Easter, Ronald Thomas, Johnny Taylor).

1967 Country Hymn Time (Commandment Records LP-300): God Will Take Care Of You; At The Altar Of Prayer; Jesus Rescued Me; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Help Me To Understand; Mother's Prayers Are Not In Vain; The Whale Swallowed Jonah; From The Back Seat To The Altar; The Book Of Life; He's Coming Back To Earth Again; Something Got A Hold Of Me; How Are You Standing With God. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Steve, Roger, and Eddie Easter, H O Jenkins).

1968 Easter Brothers And The Green Valley Quartet (County Records 716): I Feel Better Every Day; I Heard The String Band Play; It's All Right Now; Love Without Fear; Time Of Sorrow; Mother I Thank You For The Bible You Gave; Sunny Banks Of Sweet Deliverance; Glory Bound Train?; I Want My Light To Shine; I've Been Touched; That's All There Is To It; Won't Somebody Show Me The Way. (Russell, James, Ed, Russel Jr, and Roger Easter, Ronald Thomas, Johnny Taylor, Wayborn Johnson).

1969 From Earth To Gloryland (Commandment Records 400): Don't Look Back; Everything Is All Right; From Earth To Gloryland; I Hear Jesus Calling Me; I'll Live Again In Glory; Keep My Feet On Solid Ground; Little Ralph Morton; The Great Speckled Bird; Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, Steve, Eddie, and Linda Easter, H O Jenkins).

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