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1970 I've Been Touched (Commandment Records LP-500): I'm On The Last Mile; Waiting For My Call To Glory; Just A Little Place; No Survivors; That's All There Is To It; I'm Drinking Living Water; I'm Ready To Go Home; Lord I Know You Must Have Suffered; Bring Him Home To Mother's Prayer; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; It Was Mama; I've Been Touched. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, Steve, and Eddie Easter, H O Jenkins).

1972 Just Another Hill (Commandment Records 600): I'm Living For Him; In Perilous Times Like These; Just Another Hill; Let Me Tell You All About Him; The Story Of Brother Coury; A Mansion For Me; I Found A Hiding Place; I'll Meet You In The Morning; Send The Light; Where The Soul Never Dies. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Steve, Roger, and Eddie Easter, H O Jenkins).

1972 He's Everything I Need (Commandment Records 800): He's Everything I Need; He Picked Me Up; I'll Be Singing Up There; Now I Have Everything; Apple Tree; Take Your Shoes Off Moses; Tormented Stranger; The Hypocrite; There's A Better Life; Too Much To Gain To Lose; Every Minute Means A Mile; God Forgive Me When I Whine. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, and Jeff Easter, H O Jenkins).

1973 Coming Home (Mayberry Records LP-900): Gonna Have A Little Talk; It Wasn't Nails; At The Foot Of The Cross; Coming Home; Give Me Your Hand; God Walks The Dark Hills; Ain't Gonna Study War No More; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Bible On The Table; He Saved My Soul; How Can You Turn Him Down; Darkest Hour. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, Steve, Jeff, and Bobby Easter, H O Jenkins).

1974 Don't Overlook Your Blessings (Mission Records MR-441): Born Again; Don't Overlook Your Blessings; I'm Waiting To Hear My Number Called; My Lord Is Everywhere; The Old Country Church; Singing With The Angels; Master's Little Rosebud; There's Power In The Blood; When I Pray; Will The Circle Be Unbroken. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, and Steve Easter, H O Jenkins).

1975 In Nashville (Mission Records MR-476): He Cared For Me; The Angels Rejoiced Last Night; Why Me Lord; Garden In The Sky; Keep Your Eyes On Jesus; Are You Washed In The Blood; I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap; Hero For Jesus; He Took My Place. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, and Steve Easter, H O Jenkins).

1976 As Long As I Have Jesus (Mayberry Records LP-1200): I've Got More To Go To Heaven For; There's Never Been Love Like Jesus Has; The Next Time I See Mama; Looking Through The Windows Of Heaven; The Hand Of God; As Long As I Have Jesus; The Day He Saved Me; Our Father Owns It All; The White Paling Fence. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, Steve, Jeff, and Bobby Easter).

1976 Hold On (Old Homestead Records OHS-70008): Hold On; The Narrow Road; Come On Home; Lord Let Me Walk Beside Of You; He Will Set Your Fields On Fire; The Old Missionary; He's Coming; Gonna Have A Little Talk With You Lord; My Sins Are Gone; God Did It All For You And Me; I'll See You In The Rapture; The Reason For The Cross. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Steve, Jeff, Roger, and Bobby Easter).

1977 We're Going Home (QCA Records QCA-360): Here Today Gone Tomorrow; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me; He Saved My Soul; When I Pray; Daddy's Favorite Song; We're Going Home; There's No Better Time Than Now; May We Never Lose Sight Of The Cross; I'll Fly Away. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, and Jeff Easter, Jimmy Edmonds).

1979 I'm Holding To His Hand (QCA Records QCA-388): Ain't Gonna Handle No Snakes; An Empty Grave; He's Coming Down And I'm Going Up; I'd Like To Be The One; I'm Holding To His Hand; Jesus Died That I Might Live For Him; Over The Next Hill; Poor Rich Man; Standing On The Banks; The Last Hill. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Roger, Jeff, and Bobby Easter, Jimmy Edmonds).

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