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Inspirations Discography Ė 2020s

2020 Ever Old, Ever New (Horizon Records/): He Turned When I Touched Him; Home Is Sounding Sweeter; Show Them Love; Enter In; Then What; Forever Settled; Knowing Youíre There; 1945; Iíll Fly Away; I Like The Songs That Mama Sang The Best; On The Right Side (Archie Watkins, Eddie Dietz, Roland Kesterson, Marlin Shubert, Luke Vaught, Wyatt Austin).

2021 What A Wonderful Time Live (Horizon Records/): Reunion In Heaven; Jesus Is Coming Soon; When I Walk On The Streets Of Gold; Living On Higher Ground; Mother (Listen To The Angels); He Made A Way; When He Blessed My Soul; Home Is Sounding Sweeter; Shouting Time In Heaven; Jesus Is Mine; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More (Isaac Moore, Roland Kesterson, Luke Vaught, Wyatt Austin).

2022 A Pioneer Legacy (Horizon Records/): Ark of His Grace; O What a Day; Come to Me; What a Morning; I Have God to Thank For Everything; I'm Gonna Tell It; Hallelujah I'm Heaven Bound; It'll Be Alright with Me; We Shall Rise; Just as Long as Eternity Rolls (Isaac Moore, Roland Kesterson, Luke Vaught, Wyatt Austin).

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