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Kingsmen Discography 2020s

2020 40th Anniversary Reunion: Live, Expanded, Remixed And Remastered (Horizon Records/HR12772):Introduction by Eldridge Fox; I Will Meet You In The Morning; Daddy Sang Bass; Eldridge Fox Introduces Frank Cutshall; Closer To Thee; Eldridge Fox Introduces Jim Hamill & Ray Dean Reese, Jim Hamill Introduces John Parrack; Just As The Sun Went Down; The Fa Sol La Song; Jim Hamill Introduces Eddie Trent & Bob Conley; Gone; Jesus I Love You; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; Old Time Christian; Glory Road; Look For Me At Jesus Feet; Jim Hamill Shares; Love Lifted Me; When I Wake Up; Eldridge Fox Introduces Squire Parsons & Gary Dillard; It Made News In Heaven; Hello Mama; I Can't Even Walk; Eldridge Fox Introduces Anthony Burger; On Some Sweet Day; I've Made A Covenant With My Lord; Don't Be Knocking; Jim Hamill Introduces Ernie Phillips; When They Call My Name; Jim Hamill Introduces It'll Be Different; It'll Be Different; Lovely Name Of Jesus; We Do Not Die; Jim Hamill Introduces Mark Trammell; Shake Hands With A Poor Boy; Excuses; Beautiful Home; Jim Hamill Introduces Wayne Maynard; Child Child; Saints Will Rise; Jim Hamill Introduces Garry Sheppard & Arthur Rice; When Mama Prayed; A Place Where The Hungry Are Fed; Go And Tell Somebody; Jim Hamill Introduces He's All I Need; He's All I Need; Jim Hamill Introduces Randy Miller; Life's Railway To Heaven; Jim Hamill Introduces Parker Jonathan, Chris Collins, Randy Matthews, Rory Rigdon, Tim Surrett & Greg Fox; The Cross Has Won Again; Ridin' High; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Wish You Were Here; I Will Rise Up From My Grave; Jim Hamill & Squire Parsons Close Concert.

2021 More To The Story (Horizon Records): Church Of The Great I Am; I See A Lamb; More To The Story; These Are The Days; When The Old Old Story Was New; What The Blood Does; Just Can't Get Over; Still I Climb; I Am Forgiven; Ready For The Change; The Winds And The Waves Still Know; Tell It On The Mountain (Chris Jenkins, Chris Bryant, Alan Kendall, Ray Dean Reese).

2022 Tis the Reason (Horizon Records): 'Tis the Reason; The God Who Gives Himself Away; Here We Come A Caroling; The Christmas Song; O Holy Night; There Is Peace (Chris Jenkins, Chris Bryant, Alan Kendall, Ray Dean Reese).

Kingsmen Unknown Years

???? Sing Hymns (Gold Nugget Records/1002): At The Cross; Power In The Blood; It Is No Secret; Wonderful Words Of Life; Gloryland Way; Rock Of Ages; Unclouded Day; Just Over In The Gloryland; Standing On The Promises; I Surrender All.

???? Sing Gospel Hits (Gold Nugget Records/1051): I Think Iíll Read It Again; O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing; Good Ole Boys; Who Put The Tears; Call Me Gone; Walk Right Out Of This Valley; Moving Up To Gloryland; Old Time Feeling; Wonder Of Wonders; Hello Mama. (Eldridge Fox, Gary Dillard, Arthur Rice, Ed Crawford, Jim Hamill, Garry Sheppard, Ray Reece, Greg Fox, Anthony Burger).

???? Kingsmen Sing Their Favorites (Gold Nugget Records/1052): When The Redeemed; Final Teardrop; All In The Twinkling Of An Eye; The Joy Of Serving Jesus; It Will Be Different; Walking With Jesus: Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; By The Time You See Me; If You Donít Like Shouting. (Anthony Burger, Ed Crawford, Garry Sheppard, Eldridge Fox, Gary Dillard, Ray Reece, Arthur Rice, Jim Hamill, Greg Fox).

???? Award Winning (Heavy Weight Records/): On The Jericho Road; Turn Your Radio On; His Grace Reaches Me; Consider The Lilies; Sun Rise?; It Made News In Heaven; I Made A Covenant; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Somebody Touched Me; Goodbye World Goodbye. (Ray Reece, Jim Hamill, Eldridge Fox, Greg Fox, Gary Dillard, Ernie Phillips, Anthony Burger, Wayne Maynard).

???? Bob Pooleís Gospel Favorites (Custom Records/8031): Taller Than Trees; On The Wings Of A Dove; How Great Thou Art; Wait Upon The Lord; I Wanna Go There; I Can Tell You The Time; Iím Going There; What A Day That Will Be; The Stranger Of Galilee; In His Care; Iíll Meet You In The Morning; Goodbye World Goodbye.

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