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19?? Happy Holidays

1990 Vol. 1 1925-1990 (Custom Records/2440): Ainít God Good; His Saving Grace; Why Donít You Try Jesus; Mexico; I Sing The Mighty Power; Hallelujah Iím Ready; One Day At A Time; Child Of The King; Higher; Ragged Old Flag.

1991 In Your Honor (Homeland Records/7015133210): In Your Honor; Bend In The River; Springs Of Living Water; Sweet Desert Rose; Remind Me Dear Lord; The Church Will Live On; If You Give Your Heart To Jesus; Reed Before The Wind; Jesus Is Coming Soon; The Lord Reigns.

1992 The Lord's Prayer (Homeland Records): The Lord's Prayer; It's Gonna Be Wonderful; Free Indeed; I Want To Tell You; Oh Buddha; Everywhere I Go; I Know Where There's Water; I'm Going Up; Farther Along; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; Cleanse Me.

1994 One Spirit, One Mind (Zion Music Group/Z223): He Worked A Miracle In Me; Old Soldiers Never Die; He Rescued Me; Lead Me, Lord; His Redeemed; Sooner Than You Think; You Can Walk On The Water; He Will Supply; Heart Brand New; Because Of Who He Was. (Brian, Ginger, Dan, Shannon).

1995 Great Day (Zion Music Group/Z230): Great Day; Jesus You're Everything To Me; Step Over The Line; Here Am I Lord; He Saw Me; Beneath Your Blood; I Give You My Life; He'll Only Need It For The Weekend; There's No Other God; You're My Savior. (Dan Pitchers, Ginger Pitchers, Shannon Shipley, Brian Lester).

1997 Command Performance Live (Zion Music Group).

1998 Ever Faithful (Zion Music Group/259): Big Enough For Me; Where Living Waters Flow; I Plead The Blood; Everlasting Joy; All Along; Pick Me Up; His Mighty Hands; Look At Me; When Angels Bring Me Home; Iíve Got To Learn To Let Go; Ever Faithful God.

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