Lorne Matthews (June 20, 1941 - )


Lorne Matthews was born on June 20, 1941 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He received his music education as a pianist at the Toronto Conservatory of Music. His first professional Southern Gospel experience was with the Benson Brothers Quartet in the 1950s. He was also a member of the King's Men Trio, the Landmark Quartet, the Salton Brothers, the McDuff Brothers, The Lorne Matthews Family.

He joined the Cathedral Quartet in 1971. He left the group the following year to once again tour with his family. He briefly returned to the Cathedrals in 1979 but was convinced by a promoter to leave the group along with George Amon Webster and Roy Tremble and form a new group, The Brothers. That group disbanded after two years. Matthews then organized his own solo tour, Keyboards For The King.

Lorne Matthews has received many awards throughout his career in Southern Gospel music. He was inducted into the Piano Roll Of Honor Hall Of Fame and received the Living Legend Award? for his many years in Gospel music, both in 2003. He has performed in many nations around the world and continues to perform his musical ministry today.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

All Things Are Mine
Bridge Of Forgiveness
Brother I'm In It
Devil's Secret
Just The Way You Are
Morning Song
Songs Of Praise
Suffer The Children
You Wanted Me

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