Nick Bruno


Nick Bruno was a key contributing member of several groups during in the 1960s and 1970s. As a teen, he was a member of the Keystone Quartet with Richard Sterban. He and Sterban moved to the Eastman Quartet in the mid-1960s, but later returned to the Keystone Quartet. Future Oak Ridge Boys member Joe Bonsall and future Imperials member David Will would get their first full time singing jobs with the Keystone Quartet. Bruno began producing, arranging and working as a session piano player at Baldwin Sound Productions when the Keystone Quartet was based in Harrisburg, PA in the late 1960s.

After a short stint with the Rebels, Bruno traveled with the Stamps for a year or so during their early Elvis years. He then joined the Kingsmen in 1972. It was Bruno who later produced the novelty song “Excuses” for the Kingsmen, which held the number one position on the Singing News chart for ten months in 1981-82. Bruno would produce another mega-hit for a former Kingsmen Quartet member not long after the success of "Excuses." The song was “Beulah Land” and the singer was Squire Parsons.

Bruno worked in Branson, MO for five years producing live shows for some of the top secular acts there. He later returned to Nashville, TN where he produced recordings that helped elevate artists like Quinton Mills and the Booth Brothers.

For several years, Bruno was a regular columnist for (now writing articles about the business side of music. Bruno has also written an industry book titled The Gospel Music Truth. Bruno also continued to record and produce and was associated with Song Garden Records label for a few years.

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