Roy Tremble


Roy Tremble began his career in 1965 as a student at the Stamps Quartet School Of Gospel Music in Dallas, Texas. He was with such groups as the Rebels, Jubilee Quartet, Weatherfords, Lancers, Heartland Quartet, and the Blackwood Quartet. He gained fame as a member of the Cathedral Quartet.

Tremble joined the Cathedrals in 1971 as their baritone singer. He switched to tenor in 1972 and remained in that position until 1979. It was in 1979 that Tremble and felow Cathedrals George Amon Webster and Lorne Matthews were convinced by a promoter to split with George Younce and Glen Payne and form their own group. The result was a short-lived group called The Brothers. Tremble left the group after one year and the group disbanded a year later.

Since that time, Roy Tremble has pursued a solo ministry. In 1995, he rejoined his former group members for the Cathedrals Reunion project performing on the songs Yesterday, He Loves Me, and I'm Gonna Shout All Over Heaven.

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